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Are Library Event Calendars Useful for Patrons?

I was thinking about how there are no great event calendar solutions for library websites and it occurred to me that libraries, with their mega-lists of all events happening at all locations, are barking up the wrong tree.

Who on earth besides librarians needs an overview like that? Yeah, some calendaring systems let people deselect the types of stuff they’re not interested in but that can be a laborious and confusing process. I can imagine someone asking themselves “Am I interested in an early literacy program or a kids’ program? I don’t know the difference.”

I wonder how separate online calendars for each major section of a website would work. But wondering can only take us so far. We need data.

The important question is: has anyone studied how people end up at library events?

Because knowing about the process of attending a library event – from being made aware of an event through walking out of the library door after an event – would surely inform how a library website should support the behavior.