New Kafka Covers

Amazing covers by Peter Mendelsund for the forthcoming Alfred A. Knopf series of Kafka’s works.

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All the World’s a Page

These folks have put the entire text of Faust, The Illiad, Das Kapital, and Macbeth on posters. Type size is between 2 and 3pts so bring your magnifying glass.

Like a few posts ago, this is another example of print books as decoration. They cost €20 and you can by them at All the World’s a Page.

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Letterpress with Dice

More on Etsy

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iTunes Install Disk

iTunes disk
3.5″ Poster

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Rotten Apples

Okay. Maybe these photos are a statement about consumerism. I get it. Could still be a bit wasteful.

I feel a bit awful for liking them so much.

More destroyed Apple stuff.

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Trees of Code

I don’t have a strong desire to read this book but I might anyways just because it is an amazing artifact. Insert obvious ebook joke here.

Trees of Code by Jonathan Safran Foer was written by removing words from his favorite book, The Street of Crocodiles by Bruno Schulz.

More photos at Visual Editions

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The Best of Google Street View

More at The Nine Eyes of Google Street View by Montreal artist Jon Rafman

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