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Library nerd? Like having fun? Enjoy sending text messages?

Get the Library Life Sticker Pack app for Messages. 100% free, 100% fun.











Or, if you’re not on iOS, you can just copy and paste from here. Have fun!

All illustrations are by the amazing Amanda Etches. You should buy one of her “bookish” pins.


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Midcentury Bookmobile


Found along U.S. Route 101 on the Olympic Peninsula.




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Busted Bookmobile
More Vintage Bookmobiles

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Smith Storage Stool




It serves as a detachable file cabinet, a stool, a rolling cart and, in multiples, even stackable shelves.

Pretty clever little thing. Though at $700 a pop your library will need deep pockets to outfit your department with these. More info at Better Living Through Design.

The Smith Storage Stool is neat, but given the choice, I’d take a classic Kik-Step® Stool.

kik step

Can’t you just hear the hollow thud of kicking one of these? Then the squeak of the wheels followed by a clanking when you stand on it? So good.

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Vintage Demco Letters

File this one under: from way back when, when people used to care.

Nate Hill was poking around the 4th Floor of the Chattanooga Public Library (it’s so hot right now!) and found an amazing pin mount letter system. He knew just the guy that would put this on the Web!





Replacing horrible paper signs on stack end caps with this stuff would probably be a big improvement.

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Library Hall of Fame from 1951

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Mr. T: Avid Library User


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Blissymbolics Library Symbol

Recently on Radiolab I learned about Charles Bliss’ idea to achieve world peace by eliminating the use of words. He thought that unambiguous symbols did a better job communicating so he invited a writing system. Interesting! Flawed!

Here are the symbols representing library and librarian.

library blissymbol

librarian blissymbol

Previous library related symbols on Walking Paper:
National Park Service Library Symbol
National Library Symbol History & Implications

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Thought Experiment: Plainest Library Website Ever

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Views from the DPLA Appfest at Chattanooga Public Library

As this library evolves I hope they find a place for this furniture. I’ve seen about 15 Bertoia Diamond chairs today!

Really great sightlines throughout the library. Each floor in the library is a wide open space. Big potential.

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144 We Are Not Our Patrons Pencils Available!

Good news: I have a gross of these pencils left over from a project. They can now be yours – $2.00 for three pencils. Yeah!

Visit the Walking Paper Shop

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Be Nice to Books

This is the graphic from the Portland Mercury encouraging readers to not make books sad and vote yes on 26-143.

Be sure to check out Libraries Yes, a good site with a great URL explaining what the Multnomah County Library does and providing info about establishing a library district.

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