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When people ask, “How can I get my staff or coworkers interested in blogs/RSS/IM what have you?” I have a usual response. It goes something like this: People get excited about a certain technology when it does cool things for them. Since there’s a blog about any imaginable topic, it isn’t difficult for someone to receive up to date, neat info regarding something about which they’re passionate. Getting a knitting enthusiast hooked up with some knitting RSS feeds can make the whole thing click. Getting someone a screen name so they can chat with a distant relative can turn on some lightbulbs.

Here’s a screenshot from the iTunes of a podcast about which I can get excited! [via pugblog]

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living without the music industry

Here’s a 6 point article about how to not support an industry that breaks your equipment and over charges you. As I was reading it I was hoping that one of the tips would be to use the library.

It wasn’t included, but the second comment added a #7 that made me happy: Borrow CDs from the library and load on your computer.

I’m happy to get people using the library for any reason.

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instant urban legends

We adults are missing out. I’ve learned a good deal of how young people are using IM since I’ve opened up the library to them through the technology. Corny, perhaps bothersome emails, usually containing half truths, have migrated to IMs. I got this one today:

HeLLo my name is Josh…..i am 7 years old with black hair and red eyes. i have no nose or ears…. i am dead. if you do not send this 15 people in the next 5 minutes i will appear tonight by your bed with a knife and kill you.. this is no joke Something good will happen to u 2nite at 9:22. This is not a joke some1 will either call u or will talk to u online >and say that they love u. do not break this. No send back

I thought this way funny, and interesting in that it is probably very viral. A message like this could get scattered all across the country and read, well, in an instant.

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pencil envy?

Thinking about various forms of computer technology in the library, I was amused to hear a request today about our pencil sharpener. Somebody loves it so much that they are going to go buy the exact same model!

Please take a moment and evaluate the pencil sharpening technology that you are offering your patrons.

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