How It’s Made: The Book

I watched it all. These shows are so mesmerizing.

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Book Recommendation at Powell’s

Made me laugh.

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Surprise Books at Multnomah County Library

These are pairs of groups of books wrapped and meant to be checked out and unwrapped at home. With RFID they can be checked out while still wrapped, and without the patron knowing what they are (unless they look at the checkout screen or slip). – Todd Mecklem.

[via MCL’s Twitter]

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Happy Holidays!

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Retro AOL Bumpersticker

I saw this in a library parking lot the other day.

Golly, remember all of those CD-ROMs?

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Grandmother Tips

More tips from Grandma
[via swissmiss]

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Information Transmission


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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Feel-o-meter on Lindau Island

“Fuehlometer” (Feel-o-meter) or “Public Face” is an interactive art installation that shows the mood of a city by displaying it in the form of a monumental Smiley. The system allows to read emotions out of random people’s faces. The faces are analyzed by sophisticated software (contributed by the Fraunhofer Institut). The obtained mood data are then stored on a server and processed by the smiley to visualize the emotions in real-time.

The emotions are captured by a digital camera that is focused on the faces of the people standing in a specific area on the lakeside. A computer analyzes the photos and sends the results (happy, sad or indifferent) to the giant smiley on top of the lighthouse. Text: Felix Rundel

More about the Feel-o-meter.

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Grover’s Library Dreams Get Crushed

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