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UX Project with Chapel Hill Public Library

Influx is working with the Chapel Hill Public Library on a 10-month-long UX assessment and improvement project. We’re stoked, and already feeling super energized by the smart and enthusiastic folks at CHPL.

Major areas of interest include the physical building’s layout and flow, and the library’s website; we’ll launch a new one in Spring 2016. We have a lot to learn about the library, and specific areas of work will bubble up as we dive in.

We’ll also work on updating the library’s mission statement, vision, and organizational values. This is a strong indication that they’re digging deep with user-centered thinking. We love it!

Another cool thing about this project: we’re designing out in the open. 

What’s designing in the open?

More learning and transparency! As the project develops, we’ll post artifacts and deliverables for everyone to see. This makes internal communications easier, but Influx and CHPL also want other libraries to be able to learn from the process.

If you want to follow along, start at the CHPL UX Project Site and don’t miss the Project Timeline.